HeyTeach101 is coming back!  I am preparing to come out from behind this anonymous mask – the limitations proved greater than the advantages.  While the anonymity allowed me to write about students and teaching in a way that I never could have written had I attached my name and university affiliation, it limited my online presence in a way that doesn’t work for me any more.

I am also inspired in this renewal effort by my latest book find – Austin Kleon‘s Share Your Work.  He urges those of us who create, whatever our product, to build our online presence by sharing not only the final product, but the process as well.

So for the duration of this experience of creating a new website, I am going to be chronicling my efforts and discoveries right here.  So far my process has mainly been sliding down one rabbit hole after another, looking at website hosting, logo creation, and the trademarking process – I will share those explorations in future posts.  This will get me back into the habit of writing with visibility and it will also hopefully result in a gorgeous new website.  Stay tuned!