photo by gfpeck, made available by Creative Commons license

Yesterday I was reading Black Youth Project’s post on the riots at the University of Mississippi as a result of President Obama’s re-election.  It broke my heart to learn how ugly people were still willing to be, in this day and age.  Young people, full of hate and willing to shout invective and bile.  I moved my focus to happier places and people, but those students wouldn’t go away in my mind.

Then today, glory be, other students at Ole Miss took the matter into their own hands.  Tuesday night, 200 “male students” were ugly, but today Black Youth Project reported that 600 students rallied for a unity march to let the world know that those 200 troglodytes didn’t represent the University, the state of Mississippi, or the future of America.  Bless those unity marchers, every one.

And then, just to top off the spirit-lifting, I read this post from another of my favorite blog sites, – “The Relentless March of Liberalism.”  It is about a piece by Anil Dash from almost ten years ago, pointing out that, as a nation, we are moving toward tolerance.  yes.  and yes.  and yes.