Mplsruins6copyThe echoes of neglect are deafening.  I just took a look back at all my posts, knowing it had been a while since I last wrote, but I was dismayed to discover that I haven’t written here since last January.  All my mental excuses were for my summer neglect, although even those sounded pretty lame when I listened to myself trying to justify my resistance to writing.  But to discover I hadn’t published a single post during the spring semester either is just plain embarrassing.

Spring semester was good, students were a pleasure to work with, no one was mentally ill or always angry or frightening in any way.  Students seemed to enjoy our time together, attendance and participation were good.  So what was there to write about?  Apparently I needed trauma to motivate me to write.  (Notice the past tense – I am in change mode as I write – no more crisis-driven functionality.)

Another issue that has challenged my writing on this blog is the choice I made for anonymity.  I stand by it for the reasons I gave from the beginning, but it has limited me in ways I did not anticipate.  I cannot benefit from this work professionally because I cannot claim it, and I cannot publish any of it under my own name.

For those reasons I am working on a website under my own name.  I will continue to use this site to write about students and personalities that need to exist under the invisibility cloak, but information about teaching and learning will move to my new site.

I have several new subscribers (you are the ones who prompted this post – I am so very grateful to you for your interest!) and I hope you will find my new site when it goes live.  I will announce the new site here once I am ready to go live.  If you are not currently a friend or family and are interested in following me for the teaching information, you can always write to me at

Stay tuned for a discourse on student dynamics – classes start in a few weeks!