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coyright HeyTeach101 2011

“To read, to write, to understand and be understood.  That is the key to freedom.”  (Literacy Volunteers of America)

I have been teaching adults to read and write for over twenty years.  I have taught ABC’s to maximum security inmates,  job skills to single mothers, GED preparation to county jail inmates, and active learning strategies to adult education teachers.  Now I teach college students how to read college textbooks, write college papers, and study in ways that will improve their academic success.

I learned long ago, with a student who could not make any sense of letters through the rhyming phonics method, that no matter how popular or successful a teaching method is, there will be students for whom it doesn’t work.  This student and I found that the only way he could learn new words was to memorize them, one by one.  It seemed like a wildly inefficient method to me at the time, until I saw his reading blossom and grow, one word at a time.

As a result, I began to look for more flexible teaching strategies.  Initially this led me to learning styles, and I began to use learning styles inventories with all my students.  Over the years, I noticed that students who struggle with reading and writing were often highly kinesthetic learners.  As I began to research kinesthetic teaching methods for adults (not a lot out there!). I found Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and I have been dedicated to bringing that theory into my teaching ever since.

There is a vast multitude of information about Gardner’s theory available online, but one simple website I like is here.

I am delighted you have to come to visit, and I hope you find what you are looking for.

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