Nablopomo Day 7.  Yesterday I committed to carrying around paper and pen to write down those elusive ideas as they float through my brain.  A step towards building content, developing ideas, corralling the chaos that is my thought process.  Great plan.

So…. I was walking to class this morning in a cold drizzle and I was close to being late so I was scurrying across campus.  I had an idea for this post, but I didn’t want to stop in the rain and I didn’t want to be late to class.  So I pulled the paper and pen out of my pocket and repeatedly recited a reminder of what I wanted to write about as I hurried to class.

Alas.  I heard a young voice call my name and turned to find a former student who wanted to tell me she had found her path, she loved her major and her professors and was doing well and on track to graduate in another year.  I was thrilled and delighted.  She looked radiant, and the encounter gave me a heart smile that persists even now.

But the idea was gone.  Not slipped for a moment, soon to be recovered.  Gone, blown away entirely by a two-minute encounter.

Lesson learned.  If I want to hold on to ideas, write them down RIGHT THEN AND THERE.  Don’t count on reciting it until I get somewhere where it’s easy to write it down.

I learned another useful lesson, my former student is shining, and I am happy today.