Photo by Dominick Alves, made available by Creative Commons license

I have been thinking about what to write all day.  Had a number of ideas.  None of them got written down, and none of them are still available to me to write about.  So here we are.  Nine p.m. and all the good ideas have fled, wisps of creativity blown away by the winds of the day.

What have I learned?  If I am going to live up to my commitment to write a post every day this month, I need to get more aggressive about catching the ideas that tickle the edges of my brain throughout the day.  Using my phone to take notes might be a possibility if I’m not in class, but I’m in class many hours every day, and students look poorly on being nagged to put away their phones only to see their professor pulling one out “to take a quick note.”  So I am going to make a concerted effort, starting tomorrow, to write down the ideas as they float past.  I will have a handy dandy folded piece of paper and pen in my pocket for that very purpose.

I was going to call this Project Capture the Wind, but that sounds a bit more like a venture involving sails and excessive bean consumption.  I’ll have to think on that, and in the meantime I will at least make sure I have that piece of paper and pen in my pocket.  I can name the project later.