Nablopomo Day 4.  Write a blog post every day?  Every day?  Does that mean every single day?  What about Sundays?  Do I have to write on Sundays??  Yes.

I am ashamed of how aggressively I find myself arguing with myself about why I should do something, anything, rather than write these few words.  I think that this is going to be a month of practice, of moving myself toward “being writing” and I beg the indulgence of anyone who is reading this – please bear with me as I use this month and this public forum to look at myself and at the behaviors that I have created to keep myself from writing.  What is it about writing that I find so distasteful?  I like to shape ideas with words, I like words themselves.  Sometimes words come easily, sometimes not, but I think it is something more than the challenge of the task itself that is creating this obstreperous mindset I find myself in when I am trying to talk myself into writing.

And there is so much I want to write.  So let’s get on with it!  Until tomorrow….