I love this game!   You can play a vocabulary quiz game, learn new words, and donate ten grains of rice through the United Nations World Food Program for each correct answer.

Every semester I have mentioned the game to my students, but I doubt that they followed up and found the game on their own.  Most of them are not yet avid information-seekers.

I would bring up the game in the vocabulary unit as we discussed the value of knowing word parts – prefixes, suffixes and roots.  I told them about my experience of doing well even though I didn’t recognize many of the more difficult words.  I used word parts to make my guesses, and the rice just kept rolling in.

This semester, with my bi-weekly sessions in a computer lab, I decided to make them play.  So I put this link on Blackboard and had them play the game for the first five minutes of class.  When I asked how many grains of rice we had donated, there were excited shouts: “Five hundred!” “Three hundred twenty!” “Fifty!”  We had easily donated a bowl of rice in each class.  Cool.

One of the many things I like about this game is that if a player gets answers wrong, the questions get easier, but if the answers are right, the questions get harder.  The weaker students can succeed and the stronger students are challenged, all in the same activity.  Lovely.  And we are helping feed a starving soul somewhere in our hungry world.  Amen.

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