It was the first day of school, students were everywhere, and everyone was busy indulging in first impression-itis.  As I headed toward my first class I almost ran into one young woman who reminded me to take care when I find myself relying on first impressions.  She was waiting in line at the coffee shop that daily provides an obstacle course of caffeine-craving bodies between me and my classroom, and I was thinking how intimidating she was – tall and broad shouldered, with a strong presence and a defiant tilt to her head.  Definitely not a young woman to  mess with (or run into.)

Then I looked down.  She was dressed all in pink and white (which did NOT soften her fierceness one bit) and she was wearing brand new pink and white shoes.  There was not a scuff or a scratch or a smudge on the bright white of those shoes, and my heart softened so at the sight of them.  You just knew that she had picked out those shoes to go with that outfit, and that she had been saving both outfit and shoes for her first day of college.

Just like that she shifted – from potential defiance and challenge to a child, a fellow traveler, a soul to whom I could connect.  Thank you, brand new pink and white shoes.

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