This is why I don’t set goals – “Write Every Day” indeed.  What initially sounds like a great idea and a life improvement becomes a failure and a disappointment faster than I can write this sentence.  I have let at least ten days slip by, eying my laptop as I got dressed for work, as I drank my morning coffee, as I scoured eBay for the perfect vintage head vases to hold my pens, as I unwound at night by reading the online New York Times.

But did I open my laptop?  No.  Did I write fifteen minutes a day?  No.  Did I spend fifteen minutes a day justifying my behavior to myself?  Yes.  “I don’t feel like doing research.”  “Being back at work and hiring last minute staff is too exhausting.”  “I twisted my ankle.”  “The internet connection isn’t reliable.”  “The dog is sick.”

As I wrote in my previous post, fifteen minutes a day is realistic, minimal, and infinitely possible.  I hereby promise to move forward, forgive my slacker self and re-commit.  Time to channel the Greek god of victory and just do it.

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