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I am determined to keep this blog going once school starts again in a few weeks, but I am worried that the challenges of the upcoming semester will pull me away from writing.  To counteract the fall semester brain-spirit-energy drain, I have decided to commit to writing for fifteen minutes every day, starting … now.

Fifteen minutes isn’t long enough to get a multi-paragraph post written, with links and images, but it is enough to get an idea down that I can start to polish in tomorrow’s fifteen minutes.  If I spend at least fifteen minutes every day writing, I will get better at getting ideas out of my head and onto the page – an ongoing lesson for me.  The sub-text of this blog could be “Just do it!”

This idea of fifteen minutes of work reminds me of advice from one of my favorite creativity coaches – the artist SARK.  She advocates taking teeny tiny steps (“micro-movements“) to accomplish our creative goals – steps that take maybe five minutes but that move us closer to our dreams.  Make that call, write down that idea, make a list, ask a question.  Do it now.

Fifteen minutes.

Inspired by Richard Byrne’s “Best Tip for Beginning Bloggers” – write every day.

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