Sometimes the universe seems to feel the need to amplify my daily lesson.  Case in point: in my dithering about whether or not to start this blog, I consulted my scientist web-savvy brother about my confusion over hosting options, CSS, CMS, HTML, etc.  My efforts to be creative and design my own site were overwhelming me, and I couldn’t seem to find my way forward.

My brother, after patiently listening to me, went off and researched stand-alone blogging sites, then wrote with his recommendation and explanation why I should start there instead of trying to design my own site right away.  I resisted, wanting to be artsy and implement my entire vast vision, today.

Then I re-examined his message, and was struck with how potent it was:  “I strongly believe if you have no content and just an idea that you don’t have much. Sorry to be blunt. But I am full of ideas and I have learned that getting something on paper/on the internet is what makes the idea matter.”

Then I was at an art collage class last weekend and I was madly collecting images while everyone else had moved on to gluing and painting.  The instructor came over and nudged me to move on and actually get something on the page.  hmmm.  Second verse, same as the first.

So, to all of us who struggle, let’s get those ideas out of our heads and into the world!